Dislike ads? Upgrade to Mibbit premium!

If you dislike the distraction of looking at adverts, and want to support Mibbit, please consider upgrading your Mibbit client account to Premium.

You can upgrade at any time by logging in and clicking on [my account].

Upgrading to premium costs a one off fee of $9.99 which sets your account to premium permanently. No subscription to manage, no yearly renewal – just a one off price. You will no longer see adverts on the Mibbit client, and will instead get a nice slimline top bar, leaving more room for your chat!

We’re going to be introducing more premium Mibbit client features in the coming weeks, and obviously anyone with an existing premium account will get the upgrades :)

Thanks again for using Mibbit!

Add your IRC Network

One of the hurdles for IRC is channel discovery. People need to be able to find channels they wish to chat on. There’s many ways to do this, from performing a /list to just asking friends!

But one easy way is to use an IRC indexing site. We have our own at http://search.mibbit.com which keeps track of thousands of channels on hundreds of IRC networks.

If you have your own IRC network, you’re most welcome to submit details of the network, and have it indexed. This makes it even easier for users to find your network and the channels they’re interested in. Please submit details here

Easier channel discovery is a win for everyone who enjoys chatting on IRC. Yes you may get the odd ‘troll’ who you have to kick or ban, but that’s inevitable with anything that is popular. “Making things easier” is a double edged sword, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

So if you run an IRC Network, get it listed now. And if you’re just a chatter, do some searches for channels you’re interested in. You might be surprised what communities are out there!…

Some search updates

You can now see a history of a channels topics at http://search.mibbit.com . This allows you to see past topics.

Our search bot now also connects using SSL where specified by the IRC network, and also connects using ipv6 where a network supports it.

Lots more updates coming soon :)

What do you want?!

Planning to do some new development on Mibbit starting in the new year. If there’s something you’d like to see in Mibbit, please drop me an e-mail at axod@mibbit.com

Although I can’t guarantee all suggestions will be used, they’ll certainly be taken into consideration.

So… what does your wishlist look like?