Main chat issues

We’re having a hardware issue affecting logon and load of at the moment, hardware is being swapped out.

The Widget and are both working but main chat may fail to load or login until we’re all back up.  More will be added to this post as the issue is resolved.

…hardware in, we’re bringing back the services for login soon.

Everything working except for personal channel history (logs), these will be available shortly.

..logs all available as at 11 Feb.  Apologies for inconvenience.

How to shorten URLs in Mibbit

A little used feature, the ‘Minify URL’ option does just the same as other URL shorteners, it just does so right inside your chat.

To use it first click on ‘Minify URL’, next type in (or Paste) the URL you want to shorten, click Minify and the new link will be added to the input box right there and ready for you. It works in the Widget just the same.

If you’d rather use another URL shortener no problem! All valid links pasted into Mibbit can be resolved in the Extra Window or popped out to a new window for browsing.


Google doc viewer in Mibbit – from the archives

Looking at the more recent additions to Google Doc Viewer I thought it would be worth sharing our article updating support for the viewer in Mibbit.  I notice since we made that update additional formats including .zip archives have become available and so these can, and their files, be viewed alongside chats in Mibbit main client and embeddable widget.

Here’s a shot of the .zip archive viewer working;






All useful for getting stuff done whilst in the chat window.

Here’s the original article from the archives reproduced in full;


Google doc viewer support upgraded


We’ve supported Google’s awesome document viewer since last year when we introduced it alongside support for YouTube and image thumb-nailing.  Now, Google have provided an upgrade so it reads a bunch of new file types, this is not just limited to rounding out Microsoft document support but adds Postscript, Adobe, Autocad and more, we’ve checked it out and added it into the client.

If you haven’t used the viewer before give it a try, it loads up in the extra pane on the right hand side of chat and can be popped out if needed.  See the long list of file formats the viewer will load - it’s amazing it will read Adobe Illustrator, Psd, and all the latest Microsoft Office formats.  Enjoy :)

Updating old webirc configs fixes “CGI:IRC — No access”

If you own an IRC server you can choose to setup webirc so people can access your network via Mibbit without issues. It’s easy to do.

If you already have a webirc config but it’s not been updated in a while it’s good practice to check the configuration has all four IPs in the CGI:IRC block. Without all four the connection may not be reliable.  What you need to edit depends on the IRCd you have, for the most common ones like Inspired and Unreal – we have info which may help you here.

Once you’ve completed setup and we make the corresponding entry our end you’ll get all the benefits of receiving complete connection data for users to help avoid cloaking and manage things appropriately. :)


Service issue to webirc networks

We’re currently experiencing disruption to routes used to connect to some WebIRC networks.  If you receive “CGI:IRC no access” this may be the cause. 


This is not the case for all IRC networks, most are working, but some with older configs are unavailable.
We will give updates as normal service becomes available, in the meantime networks can avoid this issue by updating any old webirc configs with all routes – here’s the guide to how.

Dear Apple…

If you use or plan to use Mibbit with mobile Safari browser on new iPhones or iPads or you’re planning to upgrade to IOS 6 some time soon you might want to look at it further before going ahead.

We noticed a couple of posts about changes to Mobile Safari browser which limits the number of connections it makes to a server to just one.  This binary, on/off, approach will restrict how web applications including ours work making things like disconnects, timeouts and missing artifacts a common problem. Allowing only one connection prevents other requests from being sent to the server until the open one has finished. This basically breaks any website using comet as these guys at Real Software point out in their note, Mobile Safari users are going to get a reduced experience.

Bug reports have been filed with Apple, the TechCrunch site reports the issue has been seen with sites including Google+ and gmail mobile.

So this is a note to say Apple, if you didn’t hear already, please take a look at this.

** Update 25 Oct **  We’ve contacted Apple support and put up a post on the community pages.