A few updates

* You can now specify encoding. At the moment it is not auto detect on receive, and at the moment the only other charset supported is iso-8859-1

For receiving:
/rcharset iso-8859-1
/rcharset utf8
For sending:
/scharset iso-8859-1
/scharset utf8

This is per channel/window at the moment. Please still use utf8 unless you really *need* :)

You may start to notice some adverts showing up on the Infobar above chat. In the future these will be related to the current topics of chat going on in each channel. Please note this is all done by Mibbit – nothing is shared with anyone else, your privacy is guaranteed. Please do checkout these adverts. They will hopefully pay the server bills :)

Typing notify works again :) There were also a few bug fixes in the backend related to a glitch last week.

Also some work on new features that aren’t quite ready yet.

Nice to see the widget being used on more sites since it’s been opened up!

Widget connects to any server

It’s here! You can now have the widget connect to any IRC server. The caveat is that if the server/channel is not in the ‘authorized’ list, the connect will not be automatic.

This means that the user will be prompted for a nickname, and will need to click on ‘connect’.

If you wish to have an automatically joined channel, we’d still recommend setting up a channel on irc.mibbit.com

There is also a new parameter you can pass to the widget, forcePrompt=true will mean that even if the server/channel is in the authorized list, it will prompt the user for a nickname. This is a good way to prevent the default mib_876234 etc if you’d like to do it that way.

There were a couple of fixes on the backend. Also the way userLists are done was changed. What this means is that in the widget you can do /ulshow and /ulhide if you want to view the users in the channel if the user list is hidden by default.

Quite a few new servers on board… The channel search also now returns max of 100 channels, sorted by number of users in the channel.

Also if you /whois someone who is using the widget, it will show up in the whois info.

Hope this all makes sense, and hopefuly you will use the widget to connect to whatever servers you like. If you are expecting a lot of traffic though please check with me to see what current limits are for that server.

I can speak Russian!!!

… and french, etc etc

Mibbit can now do auto language translation :)
First off, a note about privacy. The translation is done via a google service API. It is obviously done anonymously, and all they see is your actual chat. Not who you are or anything. But if you don’t want google to see your chat, don’t use the translation service.

Now to the fun :)
Translation is disabled by default.

If someone starts talking in some weird language, you can do the following:
/translatethem english

This will translate all incoming chat ON THAT CHANNEL ONLY, into english. It will auto detect what language it thinks it is in.
If you’d like to speak in french, then just do:
/translateme french

Here are the languages you can use:
english, chinese, chinese_simplified, chinese_traditional, arabic, french, german, italian, japanese, korean, portugese, russian, spanish, dutch

It’s not perfect, but it’s great fun :) And allows you to chat to anyone you like!
To disable the translation, simply do
This will disable all translation

You can also obviously use this via the bitlbee IM server so you can do translation on IM as well :)

Try it out now http://www.mibbit.com


Some of you may have noticed Mibbit being a little bit slower than normal. A little on the sluggish side the last few days. It’s currently being investigated, and a fix should be up soon.
Also apologies for the backend restarts (When you get kicked off). These are essential at the moment to fix things + push out new features. They should get less and less once things get a bit more stable.

I’ve had enough

OK, this will be a short one.

I simply cannot understand the mentality of someone who would think “Hey lets use the backspace key to mean ‘go back’ in a browser”.

Maybe that’s ok if you don’t have any forms on your website, and maybe that’s ok if nothing bad happens when you leave the page. But if it’s a webapp, that simple act of going back might be a right pain in the neck.

The choice of ‘backspace’ to mean back is an absolutely terrible one. It’s like choosing “space” to mean put your computer to sleep if your desktop happens to have the focus.

Anyway, the long and short of it is, backspace as “back” no longer works on mibbit. You need not walk on eggshells quite so much now. Don’t need to check the text entry field *really* has focus quite so much now.

Of course your browsers back button works, it’s just if you press backspace when not focussed on an input element, it will be captured by mibbit Minions, trapped in an envelope, and sent along with some random rubbish to the idiot who decided backspace as ‘back’ in browsers was a good idea.

New features

  • Lots more prefs to play with.
  • Fixed some mIRC style support (Added cancel all styles)
  • You can now ignore people. Note this is only done on a per channel basis, for the time they are in the channel. This will be changed and improved upon later.
  • New [My Profile] page – This will be changed quite a bit, for instance date of birth instead of age. But it’s a start…
  • New show/hide userlist. Especially handy where space is limited. You can also do this with /ulhide and /ulshow.
  • Now on the embed widget if there is a nick collision, you get a nicer nickname prompt.
  • Wii fix so that it does default to having a send button.

Quite a few new IRC networks came on board, and lots of behind the scenes tidying up of code etc.

The embed widget is technically pretty much complete, it’s now a case of deciding how to allow its use. If you own your own irc server and would like to get a mibbit embed client setup for it, please email.

Thanks :)

Thanks for your patience while Mibbit was moving to a new (Hopefuly reliable) home. We have a little more flexibility now with the backend which is good.

We have broken a few more records lately, still not quite got to 1,000 users online at the same time, but not too far off :)

The embedded widget version has been refined, and is now in use on quite a few websites. There’s also a drupal module (Thanks to Kevin) http://drupal.org/project/mibbit_irc

In terms of the software, there have been a few updates, bug fixes, etc.
You can now kick people right from the user menu (If you’re op or above).

The tabs work a lot better now, specifically, you don’t get the arrows on the right unless you need them (More than one tab). Also the arrows turn red if your name was mentioned somewhere.

As a precaution all outgoing links now go through a jump script so that the referrer is hidden. For example, if you’re using the widget and have provided a nick parameter, any websites you visit will not know that.

There are a few new prefs also.

There is also a whole new embedded widget permissions system that is in use on one website so far. This will enable channel/irc owners to use the widget with their channel/server, without any possibility of others copying the widget and pointing to the owners channel/server.
In short, whoever has control of the channel/server, gets control of the widget.

This will be released in alpha when it is ready. Please do not ask too much :)

Mibbit moved

After the hosting issues of friday, Mibbit now has a new home.
The downside to this is that I have to get trust details updated with 35 or so irc networks.

Please be patient. Some networks may just be unavailable for a while.