DCC File Receive, more customization

Here’s a few new things Mibbit does:
* You can now see ctcp things. You can send ctcp with the /ctcp command. For example /ctcp mibbit VERSION
* You can now receive files! A link will show up, and you can just click to save it. Note there is a 2Mb filesize limit, or 10 minutes download time. You cannot send files yet.
* New prefs mean that you can get rid of the nick column, and have them inline (See pic). Good for widgets etc where there isn’t much space. (chatOutputShowNicks=false)
* You can now have a red marker that appears to let you know what has been said since you were last on the tab. (Enabled by default)
* Added a few prefs like nick vertical align, the color of the vertical lines in the chat output.

Oh also, apache is on its own server now, so the irc server should not crash any more! ;)
Enjoy :)

edit: Sorry, the dcc has a security certificate issue so you might get a warning. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

Sorry :/

Just to let you know that I’m aware of the issues with irc.mibbit.com (Crashed again this morning).
The issue is actually with apache, which creates a ton of defunct processes which eat up all the memory, then the OS starts killing things to survive.

This issue will go away soon, as Apache will be moved off onto it’s own server.

That should mean that irc+services will be rock solid, on their own server, without any interferance.

Some cool work going on on the backend, including adding better support for more op commands etc, and……. ctcp+dcc etc. File transfers and dcc chat are on the horizon.

Some identification updates

I forgot to mention in the previous post, some identification updates to Mibbit.

Mibbit now supports the IDENTIFY-MSG protocol. The only live use of this in the wild I know of is at irc.freenode.net.
Basically, now if a user is identified to NickServ, their nick in the chat output will be blue by default, instead of green (You can change these in prefs).
Same for PMs, their nick color will tell you if they are identified to services or not.

Also when you do a /whois if the server responds with identified to services, it’ll show up in the whois page.

Yahoo messenger usage is going up, with around 11,000 lines of chat a day now. IRC is still way ahead with around 8,000,000 lines of chat a day.

Mibbit does charsets

The main feature in the new release today is charset handling.
You can now specify the charset to use in your [account] page for IRC servers.
Also if you use the widget, you can pass &charset= to specify that.
If you’re in a chat window, type in /charset to see your current charsets (send and receive). You can then change them with /charset .
Note that currently you can only have one send and one receive charset per server. So if you have multiple channels in different charsets, you’re currently out of luck…

Also the pastebin works a little better, especially on Firefox 3.

Apologies for the lack of anything much else in this update, and sorry for the couple of downtimes of irc.mibbit.com / services / image thumbnailing. This should be resolved now :)


There’s a new release of mibbit today. A few feature updates, and a whole new protocol.

You can now choose to not have confirmation popups when you close server tabs. You’ll find this in prefs.
You can also disable incomming PMs from prefs, if they annoy you. At the moment this is a global option. Of course you may wish to disable this in the widget also.
Channel modes [k l e I] should be shown better now (With their argument)
You can now set the border color for each tab individually.
NickServ is now default instead of Pass for authentication.

Quick guide to Yahoo
Firstly, fill in your account details in the [account] tab. You can also check [auto connect] to have Mibbit log you in automatically.
You’ll get a [Y!] tab, which lists your buddies. You can double click on one, or click and select [pm] to PM any of them.
This is a first alpha version of yahoo support, so please do let me know if something is not working for you. Don’t worry *too* much about the info in the [Y!] tab, these are raw packets used for debugging.

There have been quite a few new servers come on board which is always nice :)