Weeks updates

* Quakenet auth is done now. Just select [auth] as the auth method, and enter your password.
* A /whois on Quakenet will now show if someone is identified or not.
* You can now use nicks as targets to open PMs. For example, in a list of channels, add a nick in there to open a PM window with them. So maybe you always chat to the same person, or like having a PM tab open to ChanServ or some bot, just enter it, and it shall be opened.
* You can also use nicks as targets in the widget, which allows users an easy way to PM you from your website.
* Vastly improved irc url parsing for firefox handling. The url now does everything chatzilla does, apart from msg which will be added later on.
* Fixed a couple of issues that caused lots of users to be kicked off the last few days. Sorry about those.
* Yahoo messenger PMs and Chats are now logged if you enable PM/Channel logging in your prefs
* Some speed ups – you might notice loading logs takes a lot less time for example.

Quakenet and Dal, widget updates.

Quakenet should be connectable far more now, thanks Quakenet :) Quakenet auth method will be coming soon…

There were some issues with dal the last day or 2, but these should be sorted now.
By the way, if a server does respond saying that you have a virus, please don’t get stressed. It’s a false alarm. It’s objecting to something Mibbit does, and wrongly identifies a virus.
We periodically check these error messages, and work with the networks to resolve them.

The widget creator has been updated to include authmethod and charset.

You can also specify channel keys in the widget, although doing so obviously makes the point of having a channel key a little redundant. (channel=%23mibbit_key%20foobar)
You can also specify a channel key in your [Channels] tab for auto-connecting (You’ve been able to all along, but I thought I’d remind you). Also works in the connect form. Just separate with a space.

Undefined tabs and case issues

Sorry about the couple of bugs that surfaced this week.
Firstly there were a few undefined tabs popping up in the widget, and case issues (#FooBar and #foobar popping up). I’ve added protection into the client side so that these are treated the same. You should not get any more undefined tabs, or any issues with case.
Secondly, for a day, new account registrations were not created properly, and the new users could not login if they logged out. This was a small error and has been fixed, all the accounts created are fixed and usable as they should be.

The channel logging system is working well, and I think is a good improvement to the previous UI. There are some tweaks to be made, and still many improvements on the way. Also the previous channel logs will be imported this weekend.

Channel logs and better connection

* Instead of trying 1 IP at random for an IRC connection, Mibbit will now try all IPs, one by one. Note that this may make it take longer to get back to you about if it connected ok or not, but auto-retry makes it easier for the user.
This works on 2 levels. Firstly if the connection fails (Connection refused, timeout), but also if the server replies with an ERROR before login. At the end of it’s attempts if everything failed, it’ll show you those errors. If it says ‘unknown’ for the error, that means the connection failed or was closed immediately.

* Channel logging is up and running. The data gathered since the last release is backed up and will be imported shortly. There is a slightly better interface to the [My logs] tab.

* Some cosmetic improvements to some buttons etc

* Start of an account type level (You should see in [Account] a field ‘accounttype’).

* In the widget, if the embed channel is off case wise, this should be handled gracefuly now.

* A few fixes on the backend. These should make loading mibbit faster, and cut down bandwidth.

Some updates for you

* DCC security certificate issue fixed, it now goes to www.mibbit.com instead of dcc.mibbit.com so you will not get a warning from your browser.
* ident fix (Wasn’t adding a newline which meant some networks didn’t accept the ident properly).
* You will no longer see “Mibbit doesn’t know this command etc”. It’ll send it as raw to the server now. So you can do things like /gline etc etc
* You can now ask for random digits in nicknames in the widget. Use a ? which should be encoded as %3f. eg nick=mynet_%3F%3F%3F%3F
* Fixed an issue with closing a channel tab after you’d been kicked.
* You can now specify the format of small nicks output. Default is “<nick>: ” but you can set that up how you wish. (See prefs)

There’s also a change to how widgets work. If a prompt is required, communications will not be started with the server until a nickname is given. This conserves bandwidth a little, but will also result in the stats being more representative of real users using Mibbit (Up until now it included users viewing a widget asking for a nickname). So don’t be surprised by the stats being a bit lower :)

Also channel logging backend is enabled, but there is no way to view those logs yet. Feel free to enable channel logging in your prefs – this will help with testing and storage provisioning. Later on you’ll be able to view logs and search etc.

Started on shortcut keys

You can now switch between tabs with ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT.
Later on these will be customizable, and there will be other shortcut keys.
This makes switching tabs a lot nicer. Note that at the moment if the tab is not onscreen (Off to the left or right), the tab will still be offscreen at the moment…

NB. Does not work in Opera yet.