Alias this!!!

Mibbit can now do aliases. Sorry this took so long, I’m not quite sure why it did, but there you go…

To setup your aliases, go to [prefs]->[aliases]

Here’s how it works…

MATCH – This is the first word on the line, that we’re matching against. It can start with / but doesn’t have to.

COMMAND – This is what you want to do if the alias matches.

Bear in mind that the first match will trigger, so if you have duplicate matches, only the first will be used. The match is also case insensitive.

Here’s what you can have in COMMAND:

  • | – Separate multiple commands
  • /say – Say something on the current channel
  • # – The current channel
  • $me – Your current nickname
  • $N – (Where N is a number) – replace this with the Nth word from the input
  • $$N – Same as above, but only ignore this command if there isn’t such a word, instead of the whole alias.
  • $N-M – replace this with the words from N to M
  • $N- – replace this with all words from N onwards
  • $+ – suppress the space between words… eg “He $+ llo” = “Hello”

You can have a .,!? after $me, and you can have a # before any of the $N commands.

Lets write a couple of quick examples…

/hug /me hugs $1 tightly.

Now if you write “/hug jenny”, you’ll see:

* yournick hugs jenny tightly.

What’s kinda cool is that you can use aliases from within aliases…

/multihug /say I need a hug :( | /hug $$1 | /hug $$2 | /hug $$3 | /say phew! That felt good. I’m glad I’m in # and not in #nohugs!

Now write “/multihug jenny cloe” you’ll see:

mynick: I need a hug :(

* mynick hugs jenny tightly.

* mynick hugs cloe tightly.

: phew! That felt good. I’m glad I’m in #mychannel and not in #nohugs!

Because these are saved in the prefs, you can obviously setup some aliases for your widget if you like, and have them available for your users.

More features, more fixes…

* The auto-scroll functionality has been improved. Now, if the scrollbar is near the bottom (Within a line of text height), it’ll stay, and go to the bottom when new lines are added. This fixes some weird issues that occur in IE sometimes…
* You can now use /removechat in a channel if you are op or above. This will remove the chat from everyone using mibbit’s display for that nickname.
* The pastebin should now work fine in IE. It now uses a better method, which will enable us to add syntax highlighting, line numbering etc
* You won’t see “Really sorry, you disconnected etc etc” alerts any more. What happens now, is a line is added to each output saying you disconnected. You’ll get a new session, and any auto-connects will start. Note that the tabs you had open before will be re-used if you reconnect – either manually or with auto-connects. So if you set up your auto-connects, and loose wifi, or put your computer to sleep, you won’t have the irritation of a popup, and will be able to read any channels/pms you haven’t seen etc.
* You’ll now see a typing notify icon in PMs if you’re both using mibbit.

Custom icons

You can now have custom icons…
These include mode icons, (Set them to an image of the IRC characters if you like (&@! etc).
Also you can now do custom smileys. Just browse over to the [prefs] tab, and click on [smileys].
To save you typing, (and bandwidth/storage etc), you can set a base URL for the smileys.
You can also set width and height, or leave them blank and the image will show in its original size. (Couple of caveats to that depending on browser at the moment…)

Then just put in codes, and image urls. You can use any text, so for example if I wanted a widget client that showed each mention of ‘mibbit’ as the logo, I could do that.

At the moment there are 20 smileys available. If you’re not using one, set both fields to blank. I’ll have a way to add/remove soon.
The smileys will also be shown in the [smileys] chooser in the input bar. Bear in mind though that when they show there, their size is set to 19×19 and isn’t changable.
As usual, if you click on a smiley, it’ll toggle between image and text, so for instance if you clicked on the frog in the output here, it’d toggle to showing ‘mibbit rocks’ again.



Soon there should be some preset ‘smiley sets’ hosted on mibbit. These will probably appear as a dropdown in the [Smileys] tab, and will set them all up for you…

YouTube anyone?

* Fixed a bug that sometimes showed columns in chat output as same width for a bit.
* Fixed so whois etc aren’t hidden behind scrollbar in IE
* YouTube links! You can now have youtube links parsed (This is default). You’ll see a youtube icon in the chat, and clicking on it will launch a little embedded player on the left. Please let me know what you think of this feature. Later on there will be other options for that area, such as ustream/justintv etc video streams there… It’ll also likely be used to set channel options if you’re op. For example enable/disable recent chat scrollback, things like that.

Note that the default is to have youtube link parsing for the widget. You can enable it if you like though – if you have enough space etc. You will be able to set the width of that area soon for more customization.

Some UI updates

Been doing a little tidy up, and in the process added a few options here and there.
At the moment, these changes are only present in the main client (, and not in the iPhone/iPod version, or widget. Those will be updated soon.

  • You can now set tabs to hide close buttons when not active. This is the default. Some people are clumsy and might click the X instead of the tab. You can however set it back to how it was in prefs if you like being able to close tabs that aren’t active. 

  • You can now set channel tabs to show the number of users in the channel. This is also default, but can be disabled within prefs.
  • Can also change the size of the icon and mode icons. This is in preparation for making them customizable. Of course it’s also useful to be able to scale the current ones also.
  • Yahoo messenger tab now shows the number of buddies online in the tab.
  • You can now hide the ‘icon’ in the userlist – blue/green jumper/device icon.
  • You can now show a single combined mode icon which shows the best mode the user has.
  • If you’re showing a single combined mode icon, you can opt to have it shown on the left. 

Some of these changes will be especially useful for the mobile/widget versions where space is limited. Those 2 versions should be updated very soon.

The other big change is in the [prefs]. Everything has been re-ordered and preferences should be in a more logical order.

I’ve also done a bit of tweaking with the network settings, which means that failed connections should fail faster. For example, a connection which took 3 minutes before failing now takes 45 seconds. While that’s still a long time to wait just to be told “Sorry, didn’t work”, It’s a step in the right direction.

Ghosted nicks fixed

New release this morning should have fixed the nick ghosting issue.
The issue was a bit of a pain, as any leak of IRC connections is a bad thing – using up valuable slots on some IRC networks, wasting resources/memory/bandwidth etc etc

Please let me know if you see any Mibbit connection stay around long after you’ve disconnected from / page with widget on.

Ghosting nicks

There’s currently an issue which may make your IRC connection stay open when it should be closed, so you may see your nick ghosting.
We’re looking into the cause and should have a fix soon. Seems to be mainly affecting efnet + quakenet.

File uploads

You can now share files directly with Mibbit!
You must be logged into Mibbit to use this feature, then within a channel or PM window, just click on “upload file”.

Then choose a file to share (image, data, code, text file etc), and click on upload. You’ll see a progress bar show, then it’ll go back to the chat input screen.
You’ll see the newly created URL already pasted in the chat input bar, just like the pastebin does.
There is a limit of 2Mb per file at the moment, we’ll see how this goes.

You might also spot some changes with the adverts. They should now start to be slightly more relevant and interesting to you. Please note that your privacy is completely guaranteed. The adverts are matched on the fly, internally. None of your chat is copied/stored/sent anywhere.

With the file uploads, please note the file extension is copied, so if you share an image, it’ll auto-thumbnail. The mime-type is not honoured at the moment though, so if you click to download, your browser may just try to display the file… in this case, right click on the link and choose “save as”.

This is quite a big change, so there may be a few teething problems. If so, please post here, or pop into the help channel, or open a bug at