Tabs on the left of chat

Sometimes, if you join a lot of channels, or PM a lot of people, the tabs on top of the chat can get a little hard to manage.

So there’s now an alternative option – tabs on the left of the chat.
You can toggle between the two by pressing [alt+up]. You can also set which you’d like to be default in your prefs, and set the width of the tabs if they are on the left of the chat (Prefs->General->Tabs).
Note that since I took the screenshot, I’ve moved the closers to the left side of the tabs, so that if the tab name is too long, you can still get to the closer.
Please note this feature is not available in IE6 due to IE6 being the worst piece of software ever written since time began. Seriously… It’s like it was written by fish.
Enjoy :)

New release – auto-connect and lots more

The big feature in this release is the ability for channel owners to config Mibbit so that the widget may auto-connect to the channel.

Previously the system has been on a per server basis, with requests being sent in and manually approved. The old system had an argument to the widget ‘forcePrompt=false’ which would be set if you wanted it to auto-connect.
Now enter the new system which is done on a per channel basis. It’s also approved automatically, so you can configure it yourselves :) So now if you have a channel on any irc server, you can configure to allow the widget to auto-connect.
Steps to move from the old system to the new:
  1. Remove forcePrompt=false from any widget urls. This will be ignored now anyway.
  2. If you wish the widget to auto connect, add autoConnect=true to the url.
  3. Use the mibbit client to connect to your channel. Become op or above. Type in “/autoconnect on” to allow the widget to connect.
Sorry this change is needed, but it is the best way to work things going forward.
Ban lists
When you do a list of bans with “/mode #channel +b” the output will now look pretty, and have unban links (The remove icon on the left).
Whois additions
Real IP and host are now shown in the /whois if the server sent them. This is useful if you need to gline people for example.
There are some other cool changes also, which I’ll add to this post in a bit :)
For now, please update your widget URLs if you wish to auto-connect.

New features in the works…

The new release has been delayed a little, so it may not be until during the week, or next weekend. Here’s a sneak peek at what is in the works/finished:

  • DCC – some bug fixes here, filenames with spaces will work now, file extension is preserved, and mime-type determined, and sent to the browser like it should be.
  • Auto-connect – Configuration will now be done per channel, by an op or above. The default will be disabled, but easy to enable auto-connect for your widget. Sorry for all the requests sent via email that have not been sorted. Once this is done, there will be no need for email requests :)
  • Ban lists – properly formatted, sent to the correct tab, with [unban] links.
  • Couple of additions to whois if sent by the irc server – real ip/host (connecting from), and ‘using ssl’.
There are also quite a few other features in the works, or in progress. Like busses, these will most likely all arrive together :)
We pretty much hit 4,000 users online this past week, which is awesome. Very happy to be scaling well and keeping up with the growth now.

Growth – from 350 to 3,500

In February, 8 months ago, we broke through 350 users online using Mibbit at the same time.

Today, we broke through 3,500 users online using Mibbit at the same time :)
It’d be nice to think that in another 8 months time we could break through 35,000 online at the same time. Here’s hoping :)
The server issues are all fixed now, so prepare for some new features heading your way very soon!