New release – youtube data, link following, topic

Sorry about the downtime last night, I’m sure you can understand with a service like this it’s growing quite fast, and that means the occasional glitch here+there. We’ve upgraded the ram in the widget machine, so all should be ok for a while.

Yesterday was our busiest day yet, with 6,000 people all chatting at the peak of the day.

Some new features:

* In the main client, no more adverts above the chat. Instead you get the current topic (It’ll update if the topic is changed). In return for this, please do tell your friends just how awesome Mibbit is ;) Please note, the adverts above the chat on the widget remain. A premium version of the widget is in the works.

* Link following now works a little bit better… If you get a tinyurl etc it’ll show a little (i) next to it, and if you hover, it’ll tell you the address.

* Youtube videos work better… Now, it’ll show the videos thumbnail, and if you hover, it’ll show you some interesting information about the video :)

Enjoy :)

Freenode blocked

It sounds like freenode had quite an interesting time with some technical issues last night. As a result of this, they seem to have blocked all gateways including Mibbit for the time being.

Sorry about that, doing what I can :/

Custom time format, and better URL parsing.

Just a couple of quick updates…

Brackets are no longer parsed in URLs. They’re seldom used, and it’s quite irritating to see them taken as the URL. For example, now, if you say “Hello (” The link will work properly, and won’t have the ) included.


Secondly, you can now customize the timestamp column. The prefs are in [Chat output].

If the message was received on the current day, then the “Time format” is used. If the messages is from yesterday or before, it’ll use “Date format” (For example if you’re seeing recent chat when you join).

Here’s the full list of things you can use:

%% – %

%H – Hour, (00-23)

%I – Hour, (01-12)

%k – Hour, ( 0-23)

%l – Hour, ( 1-12)

%M – Minute, (00-59)

%p – AM/PM

%P – am/pm

%S – Seconds, (00-59)

%Y – Year (4 digit)

%y – Year (2 digit)

%m – Month (01-12)

%b – Month name (Jan-Dec)

%B – Month name (January-December)

%a – Weekday (Mon-Sun)

%A – Weekday (Monday-Sunday)

%d – Day of month (01-31)

%e – Day of month ( 1-31)

For example, if you’d just like to have hours, minutes, and seconds, you could set it to “%H:%M.%S”

All fine now :)

Unfortunately, the upgrade took longer than I had hoped. All if back to normal now, please let us know if you’re seeing a connection error such as “CGI::IRC: No access”, as this means the IRC Server admins have not yet updated their config to use the new Mibbit IP. (Sorry to them from me for the lack of notice on this. It was a bit of an emergency change).


The block you have for needs to be changed to – This is the new main client backend IP ( The widget IP ( stays as it is.


The new server is performing great so far, plenty of room for growth now, and everything should run faster :)


The main backend server which serves is being upgraded from 1GB ram to 2GB.

You may have noticed some slowness lately, with pastebin, uploads, logs etc. This is because the server was swapping like flippery.

The upgrade should be complete within the hour.

Couple of quick updates today

* In the twitter tab, if you try to send “/join” for example, it’ll now warn you, and suggest you use “//join” if you really mean it. This should stop some unfortunate mishaps :)

* You can now use /server again, from any channel, PM, or server tab. “/server <addr> [nick]” (nick is optional, and if not given, your mibbit login nick will be used. If you’re not logged in, a random nick will be created for you).

* If you liked the ability to click on the nickname to insert it in the chat on IRC, the functionality is back. Just enable it in your prefs->other. It is still always enabled for twitter.

A few new features!

A new release was pushed out today, and with it, a few new features…

* Some tinyurl type links are now automatically followed for you, by the Mibbit server. If you see a tinyurl type link, hover your mouse over it, and you can see the real URL. If you’re in a public place for example, and don’t want to just click on anything, this could help :)

* Extra whois info. There’s a couple of extra whois items that mibbit picks up, which were being sent to the server tab.

* Pastebin improved. If you copy some chat, and paste it, the new lines are now recognized properly. Also, the advert at the top of the pastebin has been removed.

Still lots to do, but it’s nice to get a couple of features/fixes out :)


If you like using Mibbit, we’d really appreciate some help. Here’s how you can help us:

Quite a few networks still are a problem when connecting from Mibbit. If you know of a server administrator on the network, please let them know you’d really like them to setup something with Mibbit. You can direct them to this page:

The larger networks missing:

  • Undernet
  • LinkNet
  • FCirc
  • RusNet
  • DarkSin
  • OltreIrc
  • euIRC
  • ExplosionIRC
  • WeNet
  • DalNet.RU
  • IRC-Hispano
  • AlphaIRC

If you’re active on any of these networks, or know people that are, please spread the word about Mibbit, and how it can be of use to the networks, and their users.

Thanks :)


Oh and sorry about the backend restart earlier today, that server isn’t using memory very well. The restart should fix things for now.