The widget is back, and better!

Hi all, you will have noticed that we experienced downtime on the widget in the past few hours, during this time we took the opportunity to bring forward a scheduled hardware upgrade which added an hour and a half to the down time.  It’s unfortunate that these things coincided and our apologies to you for affecting your service in this way today.  Now that the upgrade is complete the widget is back with double the memory and running well.  The main client has been unaffected during this time.

We’re very conscious of how outages can often affect the service widget users get and plan several further enhancements to the service going forward.  As these changes come online we’ll update you about how additional layers of resilience will keep your service up and alive in future.

Many thanks,

Mibbit Team.

Widget issues

Hi, we’re experiencing several widget issues just now, our planned hardware upgrade will be brought forward and this will resolve many of the difficulties making the widget operation much more resilient.  ETA for completion is 20.30 GMT today.

Planned Maintenance, Late Thursday/Early Friday GMT

As you may have seen, the widget has had a few issues the last couple of weeks. We’re planning a hardware upgrade which should resolve many of these issues.

The work will be carried out late Thursday night – early Friday GMT, depending on user numbers (We try to pick the quietest times). It should hopefully only take an hour to complete.

Thanks for using Mibbit, it’s really cool to see it grow so much, and with the new hardware it should be able to cope far better.

Couple of small widget updates

The new UserList grouping options are now available in the widget. The default is no grouping.

If you already have a widget setup, you must go to and re-save it to get the new default updated for your widget. Sorry about this. Go to Prefs->UserList->groups and select “none”.

You can also now change the appearance of the google ads. You have 3 choices currently – mibbit (default), black, or white.

Main client updates. UserList gets groups.

  • [Channels] and [Prefs] were very slow when selecting ‘Save and close’. This has been fixed, so you should not have any issues.
  • New option in prefs->UserList->Groups
  • The new global messaging system (Only to be used for critical messages such as restarts – don’t worry!), now works a little better – it adds a message to each tab, but when you remove one of them, they all go.


So, the main feature – Groups. At the moment, you have 4 options.

  • None – no grouping – it’ll look like it used to
  • Chatters/Idlers closed – You’ll have 2 groups, one for people who are chatting, and one for idlers. The idlers group will start as closed.
  • Chatters/Idlers – same as above but the idlers will start as open.
  • By Mode – You’ll get groups for Owner,Admin,Op,Halfop,Voice, and other.
Each group has a header, which you can click on to hide/show the contents of that group. The default is [Chatters/Idlers closed].
If you’d rather have it show something else, just change your prefs. There may be more options in terms of the groupings in the future, especially when hooked into the profile data – eg group by sex, group by age range, etc.

Sorry about the downtime

There’s been a few periods of down time for the widget and main client. Really sorry about this, we’re taking some steps in the next couple of days to address these issues.

We’ll be upgrading the RAM, and putting in place some alternate restart procedures incase it’s needed.

We’re still growing really fast, and this is taking its toll on the servers, but we should be back to full health after the upgrade.


Thanks :)

Introducing filtering

Filtering is a brand new system within Mibbit to give you greater control of how you see text, and how you send text within IRC.

Basically, for every line of IRC text received, you can run filters over the text. Likewise, with every outgoing line sent by you, you can run filters over it before it gets sent.

This has a few use cases:

  • You can block persistent spammers, swear words, etc by replacing the offensive text with something else
  • If certain abbreviations or misspellings irritate you, get them replaced with something more to your liking.
  • You can use it to send often used responses, or parts of responses. For example “kthxbai”->”OK? Thanks very much, and goodbye :) ” or “hlps?” -> “Does that help you?” etc. Think of it as a simple macro language for your outgoing text. “i18n”->”internationalization”.
You can setup your own filters in [Prefs]->[Filters]. Please make sure you understand Regular expression syntax and how it works. If you make a mistake, just go to prefs and delete/correct the offending filters.
Currently filters are only live in the main client.
Also see: (This will be expanded upon in the next few days).

Couple of new features (mode chars, and Topic parsing)


  • The topic shown at the top in the main client is now parsed – colors, channels and links.
  • You can now use mode characters instead of icons. To do this, enable [prefs]->[user list]->[Mode characters], and then set the entries [Owner icon url/char] etc to the character you wish to use.
mode chars and topic parsing

mode chars and topic parsing

The mode chars are only available in the main client currently, but will soon be included in the widget also.