New skins, $? and better stability.

Just upgraded all Mibbit backends to the latest. This should mean less restarts/uptime issues going forward. It looks like there is a bug in the JVM 1.6.

Couple of updates to the main client:

  • 2 new preset skins (See above)
  • You can now use $? in aliases/custom menus to prompt you for something. For example, you could prompt for your password, or a kick reason. It steals focus and then gives it back, so no need to use the mouse.

    New prefs system in main client

    The [prefs] UI has all been updated, tidied up, and made more intuitive (hopefully).

    Login to Mibbit at and click on [prefs].

    There’s a new [Skins] tab, which enables you to quickly choose from default skins. We’ll be adding many more in the future. Just select a skin, check the boxes you want to load, and click [load].

    You’ll also notice that there are previews of the UserList, ChatInput and ChatOutput, so you can quickly see how things will look.

    Also we have an easy color picker to make things even easier to get things looking exactly how you want them to.

    The new prefs system is live in the main client, and will soon be duplicated in the Widget Manager, to make it easy to get widgets to look just how you want.

    Take a look around the new prefs system, there are several additions, like the Topic Bar, so you can change the font/colors there as you like now.

    Thanks again for using Mibbit, we’re still hitting growth records every week which is awesome :)