11,000 concurrent Mibbits! (and one iPad)

Today Mibbit reached over 11,600 concurrent client connections up from 10,000 earlier in the week.  Today the world also witnessed Apple announce a new device and this event, together with the growth we’re experiencing pushed us over 11,000 for the first time.  Pretty cool stuff for a Web IRC client.  :-)

In particular, CNet TV saw a huge spike in chat connections to Watchbol.com as it covered the iPad launch, up to well over 1000 people chatting at once.  Congrats for a great show guys!


Mibbit is supporting the Oxfam campaign fund to get water, road clearing, hospital resources, food and shelter to Haiti quickly. What’s happened there feels terrible, total devastation, much more than homelessness and starvation, they already had plenty of that.

They need basic infrastructure, food and water urgently, so it’s time for us to pause from talking tech and time to help.

Thanks for listening, Click here to read more about what Oxfam is doing for Haitians.

Oxfam Ireland Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Nickname newb – how to change nicks on Mibbit!

Did you know you can get your nickserv password reset quickly?  Or maybe you want to lock-down your nickname so nobody else uses it.  It’s part of the way IRC works that nicknames are available to anyone who uses the /nick command, but if you follow this tip, you can register and protect a nickname on Mibbit for use only by you and keep using it no matter what.

Here’s how:  join a Mibbit channel like this one and change your nickname to the one you want by using the “/nick” command in the chat line entry box.  Next, register the nickname with nickserv and enter the confirmation code: to do this type “/msg nickserv register <password> <email>” where <password> is one you choose and <email> is an address you own.  Providing the nick isn’t already registered nickserv will send you an e-mail confirmation code,  take this code and go back to Mibbit to type:  “/msg nickserv confirm <confirmation code>”.

Your nick is now registered to you!  Here’s the full Wiki on this! Now each time you come back to Mibbit you can use /nick <name> to change to your preferred nick and /msg identify <password> (using the password you chose) and your nick will be passed back to you.   Don’t fancy the long commands?  Setup a Mibbit account and tell Mibbit to remember your nick (see figure below).  You can even log in to Twitter to read & tweet whilst chatting.

Picture 20

For the Jedi out there the nickserv command can hide your e-mail (“/msg nickserv set hide email on”) and can also force impersonators to get off your nick quickly (“/ns set kill quick”).  Check the Wiki article here for more info.

Nicks work in a similar way on other IRC networks, Mibbit does not admin other networks – you need to contact them to do this.  Finally, to reset a nickserv password follow this!

Happy chatting Mibbitians!

Choosing an IRC network

If you’re thinking about setting up a chat widget for your site it’s very easy to do quickly (see here :-) ).   Besides the techie bit you’ll need to choose an IRC network for your chat to connect to, if that’s something you’ve considered before or maybe you’re just thinking about options for the future this blog entry lists a few handy links and resources.

We’re often being asked which network to use and there’s no need for this to be a tricky issue, it is important for you to get the right network because many are tailored to specific communities and their rules and operators reflect this, they may even have additional tools or bots which can help you with a specific requirement.  There are some great networks out there and several resources available to search for networks to try – use either Searchirc.com, Netsplit.de and Gogloom.com or use Mibbits own listing at mibbit.com/networks.

Mibbit has it’s own network and this is default if no parameters are used.  To use a specific network, one of the main networks, or a new and upcoming net we do provide connectivity to many of the thousands out there already to give you the flexibility you need.  If you’re an experienced IRC admin and you’re setting up your own server we can connect to that too, just tell us the details and we will setup a connection from our side.  If your channel is already on another network just find the server details and test the connection, it’s likely that Mibbit already has connection, if not you can put in a request.

Mibbit will never be an anonymizer and always provides ways to identify a chatters IP address to a network.  The best way to strengthen security is by using WebIRC to pass connection details securely between Mibbit and the IRC network, this is beneficial for both you and the network in managing bans and so on.  To learn more about how to do this check the Wiki.

Lastly, if you’re already setup but need to change IRC server it’s as simple as editing the URI parameters!  If your channel moves servers or is mirrored on another network or irc server with better performance just change the entry using the widget manager!  Simple as that.

We have several new networks joining Mibbit each week, so keep a look out for new ones are listed here!

Clutch of plugins available for Mibbit widget

Happy New Year to everyone!  Usage was a little erratic over the holidays but returned to the 9000 peak and higher, looking to see if it nudges 10,000 for the first time soon.

Over the break Mibbit has seen a small clutch of plugins released making our chat widget available on several different platforms.  First up is the popular vBulletin forum platform where developer, and IRC network, vbIRC have been busy writing a plugin which lets forum users enter the widget using their real forum name as a nick.  Joshua Lückers has developed a great Google Chrome extension for users who want to make Mibbit their default irc:// handler and finally, two WordPress plugins are available making it easy to add Mibbit to a WordPress blog.  The first, by Keiran Smith is straight forward to install, and the second, by Joshua Lückers, is getting lots of daily downloads from the WordPress plugin directory.

Many thanks to all these guys for their enthusiasm and efforts on this, great work!

To see a full list of modules and plugins for Mibbit check the wiki; http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Modules