Mibbit announces support for Google docs viewer.

On Thursday, Mibbit announced support for the Google Docs Viewer making it available immediately in both the Mibbit main client and Widget versions.

What is Google Docs Viewer?
Google Docs Viewer is an online service from the Google Docs team that makes it possible to view documents like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint directly in the web browser.  The benefit of using the viewer inside Mibbit is you and your fellow chatters can quickly look at PDF, PPT and Word docs without leaving your Mibbit chat.

Viewing docs inside Mibbit.
To use this feature simply post a link to a document into the chat. You will see a small icon next to the link. Clicking the icon will open the document in the extra pane on the right hand side, hide the user list to make the area bigger and drag the divider to size the window how you want.  See the examples in pics below;

This works in the main Mibbit client and the Widget right away, and if you want to turn it off at any time just go to Prefs, Chat Data in your account and untick the “.pdf .ppt .doc” option.

In the next blog we’ll be looking at how groups can go one step further than collaboratively viewing documents during chat to see which document editors work well inside Mibbit widgets.  We’d love to hear from any of you about your favourite and we’ll try to include it. :)

Mibbit now loads even faster

The main chat client and chat widget have always been quick to load up, but now – after a short project – they’re loading quicker than ever before.

Working with the Google Closure Tools we have minified, optimized and shrunk down our Javascript to less than 50kb.  This means it’s smaller and easier for browsers to load quickly, it’s a massive improvement over the last toolset we were using, in fact, Closure in Advanced mode shrunk our code size by a huge 29% further than before (uncompressed) and 15% further (gzipped).

If you’re interested in learning more about Closure and how to use it check out Axods full blog here, or chat to us about web development at http://mibbit.com/#webdev

OnJoin – How to auto-execute commands upon joining a channel

We’ve added the capability to have Mibbit automatically execute commands when you join a channel.  This means means that where you set this feature your specific commands will be run whether it’s a channel you connect to automatically or just one you visit once in a while.

We did this because we had some very positive responses to the recent reintroduction of the /translate commands but for most it was a case of only needing to set translation once at the start of the session.  For now the OnJoin feature is for the main client only and not the Widget.

To use OnJoin you’ll need to add special aliases to your account preferences, this tells Mibbit to remember to run the command for you each time.  Here’s the format to use;

>network>#channel /<command>

For example, on joining the Brazilian channel #insidernews you could set translation to be another language.  You would do this by adding the alias;

>Mibbit>#insidernews    /translatethem spanish

InsiderNews uses the Mibbit IRC network.  Of course if your channel is on a different network just replace >Mibbit> with the irc server detail as it is in the tab for your channel, so for the #trivial channel on DAL.net the alias would need to be;

>irc.dal.net>#trivial     /translatethem spanish

To navigate to Aliases just logon to Mibbit, load your Prefs and select the tab as in the screen shot below.

The new OnJoin command isn’t just limited to setting translation – any valid command can be used.  This means it’s very possible to setup your Mibbit account much more to the way you want to use it.  Whether it’s showing a URL each time you join, joining a group of channels one after the other or even ignoring a specific nick each time you join – if that’s what you need – OnJoin can remember it for you.

Extra extra! – now resizable.

Anything you view in the right hand pane using the command /showurl <http://xyz> great for maps and Youtube but now useful for just about anything.  Here’s two enhancements for this feature;

  • Fills entire window (no white space as before)
  • Resizable

As you can see if you click the screen shots above it’s also easy to resize the userlist or hide it altogether – just hover over the divider, click and drag.

Have fun! :) 

4 ways to share your Mibbit chat channel details

Usage of our Twitter feature has started to grow recently which is exciting, it’s straight forward to send Tweets from Mibbit now.  

As usage has grown we’ve noticed some people want to share channel connection details with friends by sending a message on Twitter or other networks.  To help with this we thought it would be useful to list out four handy ways to do it.

1. Send a Quicklink

Just add the channel name to http://mibbit.com like this;


Be sure to use a hash character before the channel name.  If you’re using the irc.mibbit.net servers this is the easiest way to share the address for a meet up on Mibbit.

2. Link to server and channel


If you click the ‘addthis’ bar this is the link format you’ll be given. Notice you can specify the IRC network you need if you know it, and also note the channel hash character needs to be escaped as %23. The example above links to Twit.tv chat.

3. IRC handler


Similar to 1. but without the ‘#’ character, this works best for users with Firefox 3.5 or higher where Mibbit is enabled as the IRC handler.

4. Use the widget


If you’re feeling adventurous why not put your chat in a widget.  You can link to a channel using the format above (this one is for Cnet Watchbol) or create yourself a widget account and get the chat working the way you want it to by customising the look and feel.

Maps are back

Recent work to reinstate the translate command line and incorporate Googles Closure compiler meant our Maps integration went out the window for a little while, but we’re happy to report it’s back!

To use Maps just paste a correctly formatted Link into a line of chat, you’ll know it’s working as a maps pic will show in it’s place.  Click the map and see it appear on the right hand side – pan/scale supported.

Works in the main client and Widget too, have fun!

PS. If you have a widget be sure to have ‘googleMaps’ ticked under “Chat data >> Embed Content”