Network issues resolved

We’ve never had a situation like this, but we know that our users and customers expect us to respond well.

During the attack we did everything in our power to restore normal service, one priority was to enable a new configuration change with the IRC networks, this has largely been achieved with over 60 networks now and will set us in a better position going forward.  This was an unusual event, people came together to do everything possible to assist. In response many people took the time to express their thanks and sympathy for what we were able to do.

There may have been occasions where we weren’t able to help as much as we’d like, if you still need assistance please get in touch at or see the wiki for more info.

We’re very grateful to all our users and customers for their support.

Network issues – update

The Network issues affecting Mibbit which began several hours ago have been largely mitigated.  Normal service was resumed around 00.00 GMT this morning across most of the system including the main client, and over 47 connected IRC networks.  The remaining networks are expected to be reconnected within the next 4 hours (by approx 13.00 GMT) following work carried out with our US data centre provider Linode.

Mibbit is one of several websites to have been affected.  In the past three days two other IRC networks are amongst the sites to have been targeted by DDoS attacks from unknown sources.

The Mibbit servers are installed across two large data centre providers in two continents, our widget service kept going throughout the attack and although service was lost to other IRC networks for a time many of these have been brought back online with us thanks to efforts by our staff, axod and the networks themselves.  Despite our DDoS protection and large network access the sustained and high-volume nature of the attack meant that severe measures had to be employed to curtail the issue.  As we lift these measures and return the last parts of Mibbit to normal service we will let you know.

If you’ve been affected by this attack please accept our apologies.  If you’ve been able to continue connecting to us or have added to your IRC network config to get through this time you have our heartfelt thanks!

We’ll post more information later today to keep you up to date.

PS. if you admin a Mibbit-connected IRC network check here for the latest config info.

Network issues

Mibbit is currently being attacked by a serious DDoS (denial of service attack). (as of 15.00 GMT on 28 April).

This is affecting a significant part of our service and may affect use of the Mibbit widget.
Widgets connecting to should be unaffected. We are bringing other Networks back online as quickly as we can, but in some cases this will require config changes made by the networks.
Sorry about this downtime, and thanks for using Mibbit.

New widget feature – nickname colours

Mibbit had a customer request for different nickname colors to be set on connection, this was so that groups of chatters could be connected and shown by particular colors.

So, we added this feature.

To use it just add two items to your widget url as follows:

  1. ciUserListColorNormal=true
  2. csUserListColorNormal=%23<hex color>

The first one tells Mibbit to enable nick colors, the second tells it what color for the connection.  The fully formed URL would look something like this:


Mibbit provides anyone with a website the tools to put live group-chat in context with less than 5 minutes setup time.  Try it here at

For the full list of URI parameters check here for what Mibbit can do;

What’s next?  soccer team colors for 2010? or pick the hue of your favorite lightsaber, it’s up to you.  Happy coloring.

Mibbit ribbit of the week

Just a few weeks ago we started to highlight IRC networks and channels which we thought people would like to hear about and maybe even think useful or interesting.

Today it’s the turn of NoodleNinja and GatheringMagic.

NoodleNinja is a network new to Mibbit which aims to give people the greatest control over their communities with an approach to channel affairs which is “..hands off”.  They’re also the official home of the anarchic channel #noodles.  Check it out here.

And a big hello to recent Mibbit channel add GatheringMagic (“..a world of masters and slaves in the image the Eldrazi..”).  Whether you’re a Wizard or a Planeswalker you can enter the world of chat and posts through this comprehensive site, it’s all based around the popular collectable card game.

Finally, here’s a list of previous ‘..of the week’ entries (in no particular order):

A big hi to NoodleNinja and GatheringMagic! :)