What will Mibbit do next?

In the past few weeks Mibbit has spent time focussed on planning areas for new features development going forward.  Our mission is to provide the best web chat available on any platform and fill it with the tools everyone loves to use.  We believe we’re delivering the best value available today, but our progress isn’t going to slow.

We want to solve problems experienced when barriers get in the way to collaboration.  Difficulties like compatibility and connection, challenges where knowledge is the barrier to getting connected, and problems managing multiple instant messengers and chat clients.  That’s why we’ve been broadening our connectivity, increasing the number of networks, getting better on platforms like iPad and iPhone and delivering continuous improvements that help areas like game platforms where a controller is more common than a keyboard.

But today, it can still be difficult to get online without having the right IM software or a download client, and tricky to manage people across multiple IM and social platforms too.  And if you run your own web site there’s enough to manage without creating and integrating a chat for your visitors inside a consistent, simple interface. Applets and toolbars need to be brought together and made to work, and interoperability between these isn’t as good as it ought to be.  Mibbit wants to solve these problems.

So what we intend to focus on is building out our platform connectivity and extending the Mibbit API making chat even easier and quicker to use.  Over the next few months we’ll be asking for feedback and listening to your views on areas including;

  • Jabber and XMPP connectivity (Gtalk and Facebook)
  • Twitter stream and in-widget tweeting
  • Android and Symbian compatibility
  • Seamless back-end updates
  • extending the widget API
  • Chat preview window
  • Chat scheduling and Widget open/closed status

We promise to engage with you and ask what you’d like to see, we’ll be getting in touch in a number of ways to reach out.

Mibbit hosts an amazing 1.4m people every month who chat, connect with friends, experience new websites and meet new people to get things done. We think you’ll agree that’s a fantastically strong community.  Our widget customers cover a wide variety of user groups, from gamers to fanzines, through forex traders, internet radio and video broadcast and this is something we’ll only look to grow and broaden as we develop our feature set.  Mibbit has a great customer list,  we’re grateful for all your support, we’re intending to deliver big innovation over the coming months, we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

Network & channel of the week

Last week ended positively with the number of networks using our new webirc configuration growing heavily.  One of the first to make the change was scarynet.org host of popular channels on Maroc.NL.  Scarynet are this weeks network of the week.

Channel of the week goes to CreativeLIVE.com for their innovative live classrooms.  Their approach is to combine video with Mibbit chat to create interactive live learning experiences, many lessons focus around photography, much of their content is free.  Check out CreativeLive here and for the chat here.