New look Widget – UI tweaks and fixes

Good news for Widgets! Today we’ve updated default colors, moved the “menu” and added improvements to how settings load making start-up & connect times even faster than before.

You’ll notice the default border color has changed from green to blue, provided a new “Connect” button and tab-background color has gone from black to white to give it a clean look when embedded on most sites.

New look Widget

If you have already configured your Widget settings there’s nothing to do, settings in your account will still take precedence, but if one of the new changes is an item you’ve never configured before you might need to log into to the Widget Manager and update it – if you liked the way it was.  Here’s a handy Havvy-formatted Wiki which kindly lists all the diffs.  Using the Widget manager skins function you can also load the old settings or choose a completely new layout in one go!

More settings now load externally – before the connect screen -  making it easier to configure things without relying on updates to the fiddly URI line.  Load times will be faster for chatters getting up and connected on your site too.

There’s also a few UI tweaks and fixes:

  • On Firefox, menus would move up a pixel when clicked (smilies, colors). This is now fixed.
  • All menu text is now sized properly, as are the colors and smilies and things look generally better.
  • The channel “menu” has moved from top right down to bottom right. Note that you must have input options enabled to be able to see this. Also typing notify when in PM will show down here.
  • New connecting and nick prompt screens. Vertically centered, new loading image and connect button.

We hope you like the new improvements!  Check them out by logging into your account – plus see here for the guide to how Widget customisation settings work (checkout Prefs too).


PM log export is now available!

Mibbit Private Message (PM) logs store messages you exchange with individuals using Mibbit or other IRC networks.  Now we’ve added a way to export these as text files saving you the hassle of cutting and pasting if you ever need to make backup copies.

To use PM log export simply go to your account – sign-up if you don’t have one – and go to ‘Logs’, then select  by network or download all in one handy zip file using the links provided.

This requires that you have a Mibbit account for the main client and have PM logs stored against your account.  In the future we’ll be looking at further projects around the use of logs including channels, general log management and later the widget.