How do you say ‘frog’ in your language?

For many people a frog is just a frog, on Mibbit it’s mostly just that especially for our very own Kenneth.  In other languages it’s ‘rana’ or ‘zaba’ and now, with our new translation of the UI into Italian we’re happy to say ‘ranocchio’ bringing our language total to 13 including French, German, Spanish and even Russian.

To use the Italian UI for your Mibbit app or Widget go to Prefs, General and select from the list.

That’s in addition to the translation feature :)


Collapsable tabs

We have a new feature which will hopefully make life a little easier for those who like to chat on many channels and networks at the same time.

There’s only so much space at the top of mibbit to put server, channel and PM tabs. Whilst you can reconfigure Mibbit to show them down the left hand side (or press alt+up to switch), that means you lose some chat screen space.

With this new feature, you can collapse your channel and PM tabs into the server tab. You can then be chatting on a different tab, and come back to expand the collapsed tabs when you wish.

To collapse channel and PM tabs, just click on the “<<”. To expand them, click on the “>>”.

You’ll also be able to see at a glance if there’s any activity on any of the collapsed tabs. The “>>” will change color to white or yellow (defaults).

The feature also works if you have the tabs set to show in a list on the left, so you can still collapse and expand channel and PM tabs as you wish with that configuration.

You should see this new feature live on the main client within the next day as it’s rolled out.

Thanks as always for using Mibbit, and please let us know if there’s any features you’d like us to add.