Filters ‘command’

Filters are the part of your Mibbit preferences which give you control over how text is shown or removed in chat.  This useful feature can help remove unwanted spam and keywords that come up, replacing them with something else or removing the offending word(s) completely.  It can also be handy for creating short-hand text replacement for what you type yourself – e.g.  ’brb’  ==  ’Be right back’

Filters has now been extended for Main clients so that Mibbit commands can be executed too.  Take a look in your preferences to see how this is configured:

More configuration information is available at Filters also work in Premium widgets, we’ll look at implementing the ‘command’ option going forward.

Adding a ‘command’ can be handy if you want to do something like play a sound when a phrase is mentioned in chat (see /splay for that)


Huge weekend work on IRC servers – thanks for staying with us

Thanks to the efforts of Axod, Kitsune and team this weekend has seen one of the most significant changes to our IRC infrastructure since the upgrade from one to two servers around a year ago. It could be said that the system was about due for an upgrade especially with the record peaks in usage and connections recently, these included a QubeTubers charity weekend which added over 1,000 users to the widget instantly. In the new setup the excellent Unreal IRCd is still used but the changes completed have created a good deal more flexibility to manage connections and network issues as they arise.

This weekend has been a long one for many but also difficult with unfortunate connection problems due, it seems, to DDoS attackers. We’re amongst a growing number of organizations targeted, if for nothing else, for their successes.  Although this led to some early problems, the unique nature of Mibbit meant we were able to re-provision connectivity for the Widget and Main Client very quickly. Later, a number of settings and non-Mibbit IRC client connections were disrupted for a period, apologies if your settings got hit, everything that could be done to address this was completed quickly to restore things back to normal.

Those who perpetrate these sort of attacks often employ techniques which are not fully under their control, whether the target is a Bank, a famous consumer brand, or a small network the biggest impact is felt by ordinary people simply trying to get things done.  At Mibbit we really appreciate everyones patience, hard work and the effort which has put us where we are today, many thanks for all the encouragement and support given to people working hard on the changes, it’s really helped. It’s fantastic that, despite the issues, ordinary things continued be achieved; people are creating new channels and widgets, even new networks have been hooked up to Mibbit via WebIRC to keep our connections secure for users and partners.

Thank you.

Connection issues

We’re experiencing connection issues which are causing problems for some of you trying to connect to, sorry about that.

Once again apologies if you’ve been affected, we’ll update as the situation changes.

We’re doing all we can to rectify the situation.

edit: Things should be working again for everyone, it may take a little while for dns to update. Sorry about the outage and thanks for using Mibbit.