Upgraded Main Client

We’ve rolled out a new version of the main client with several new updates and fixes for you.

First up the Home tab is all new and shiny with options to connect to channels you might not even know were available.  Search is also easy now as it’s right on the tab, quick and simple to find places to chat.

The improvements to the Main Client include;

  • Fixed issue – Google maps “api key” message no longer appears as it did with some instances
  • New connect home tab – quicker connection and new direct Channel Search
  • Smaller Javascript size  - so Mibbit loads faster in your browser
  • Rare bug in “My channels” fixed (some saves undid other changes in particular circumstances)

Also, don’t forget Sounds and Filters capabilities added recently to help you personalise your Mibbit.

We hope you like the latest version, as always let us know feedback, we love to hear it!