Browser updates

The rate of change for Web Browsers has shifted up a gear. This means on the one hand, new awesome features become available, but on the other hand, sometimes it causes websites to break. Double edged sword.

It’s great to see the next (3rd) version of websocket live in Firefox 6, and this is now available in Mibbit. We’ll check for WebSocket, and use it where available. Then we’ll fall back to comet for older browsers. You don’t need to do anything.

We’re seeing some big shifts going on in the browser wars, with Chrome growing massively, Firefox holding its own, and IE mainly in decline.

Please do try to use the latest browsers to ensure things work as well as they should. Bear in mind though that if you’re using a developer release browser, there may be bugs, and things may not work :)

If you have any issues at all with incompatitbility, or bugs you believe may be mibbit or your browser, please do let us know at

Thanks for using Mibbit!