Happy Halloween! { ^_^ }

Filled up on sweets and candy apples?  Try out our Halloween skin on your chat widget and you can get it looking like this, it’s simple to load up by following this quick wiki:



Skins are a useful way to get to grips with customising your widget, there are several to choose from and if you don’t see something to match your site there’s an option to upload your own back-drop image to suit you.

New to the Widget?  Check-out the fastest way to get chat on your website here.


Trivia and other games on IRC

Besides connecting you with your community, friends and colleagues IRC has always had its own little time-sink hidden away – text games.


Combining bots and clever scripting to manage the interactions of chatters with a large database of questions has produced hundreds of games based on Trivia and many, many others.  Trivia is where you compete to be the first to answer questions correctly to become winner of much kudos and a high score record.


The range of games extends further across things like Yahtzee, Blackjack, the mischievous IdleRPG and even recreations of the popular classic Uno!  And you can play them on multiple networks.


Searching for irc games is easy using one of the search engines like Mibbit Search or netsplit.de. By far the best list of games on IRC is this page from SearchIRC.com. Game channels are rated by number of users and a freshness factor based on how recently it’s been used. See http://searchirc.com/dir/Games/IRC for more info.


IRC games are a good way to meet new people and have fun.  Try Trivia on EFNET or Rizon, both good places to start and our own; #games and #trivia on Mibbit.


Finally check out www.mirctrivia.net

which oddly uses the Mibbit widget.


Happy gaming :)


Chatting Minecraft.


If you’ve ever got chatting about Minecraft you might also be one of thousands who use IRC to hookup and collaborate with new people about the popular game.  As its first release comes closer the level of interest grows too, we’ve seen the number chatters increase not only on the official channels but on other IRC networks, forums and special events.


You can check out the Mibbit index of places to chat Minecraft here, one to note is Qubetubers.com




Qubetubers last big event raised money for Childs Play charity and saw over 2,000 chatters on the Mibbit Widget and 18,000 viewers.  They have a schedule of events going on and one even saw the creator of Minecraft ‘Notch‘ join in, at which point it went crazy.


Events like these are an excellent way to get to know the game and find out about mods.  Check out the Minecraft communities here;  http://www.minecraft.net/community   Official channels hosted on irc.esper.net IRC network include;


#minecraft – Official channel

#minecrafthelp – Help and support from community

#mcchatter – General community chatter


Qubetubers is at irchighway.net #Qubetubers


And if you’re looking to discuss the November release when the game comes out of beta then lookout for Minecon in Las Vegas, looks like it’s going to be big.