Upgrading translate API…

Back in June Google announced the retirement of their Translate API.  This didn’t go down too well with developers who made use of translation, but Google responded to the feedback with a version 2 of the API.

Mibbit has just completed work to upgrade to our service to v2 of the API, this means you can continue to make use of the translate commands in IRC chat and send and receive live translations as you go.

We’re interested in hearing your feedback on the new version, there are small changes like a different number of language pairs, but mostly it’s the same.  It’s no longer a free api, we’re looking at the best ways to keep it free for our users and need to hear how it’s performing.  So let us know – good or otherwise – contact@mibbit.com or comment on this page.

It’s worth mentioning Mibbit also supports several character sets and lets you use the Mibbit client or Widget in over 10 different user interface languages. See here for details.

Happy translating  :)