Custom user menus

The first issue that has been fixed is /query. This now works as it should. If you do /query nick, it’ll open up a new tab to that nick. You can also do “/query nick (message)” and it’ll also send the message, and show it on the new tab.
There have been a few tidyups with the userlist, and a new system for setting up custom menu items!

Just go into your [prefs], and go to [menus]. You will see the defaults there, which you can modify if you like, or add to.

The commands work exactly the same as for aliases (See wiki for guide). Additionaly you can use $nick to signify the nickname that was clicked.

A double click on the nick will trigger the 1st usermenu command, which is by default PM, but you can change that as you wish.

This opens up some cool possibilities…
Say you’d like a new menu item that searches google for that nickname, you can use /showurl in the command to do that. Or if you’re using a widget, you could integrate right into your own scripts etc… for example add a menu item that shows all forum posts from that user in the extraContent area.

The command parsing will be added to and improved, and those changes will come to aliases, and now custom menus as well.

Also, when you open the usermenu, it’ll now scroll if needed to fit it into view. There’s also a new setting for a hover over each menu item.

When you view someones pastebin, you’ll also get nice syntax highlighting :) Auto detects the language…

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