Growing well…

Mibbit has been growing well, we now have over 3,000 users at the peak of the day, with the backend server processing up to 400 lines of chat per second.

Progress is being made on the premium accounts, both for widgets, and for individual accounts, and I’m hopeful these should be available very soon. For the premium widget, the “Chat by Mibbit” is removed, and instead of adverts, your users see a lovely Topic above the chat :)

In the mean time though, if you’re enjoying using Mibbit and see it as useful to you, please consider sending over a donation to help pay the running costs.

Advertising is ramping up, but these things take time to get right.

On the feature front, there will probably be some work on fixing a few outstanding bugs, and expanding on the scripting features – adding remotes, prompts etc.

I know there are a heap of things on the wishlist, and a lot of things Mibbit needs to do but currently doesn’t… The main thing is to keep progressing and improving, and hopefuly that’s been the case so far.

Also if you’d like to follow some behind the scenes mini updates, you can follow progress at

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