Filters ‘command’

Filters are the part of your Mibbit preferences which give you control over how text is shown or removed in chat.  This useful feature can help remove unwanted spam and keywords that come up, replacing them with something else or removing the offending word(s) completely.  It can also be handy for creating short-hand text replacement for what you type yourself – e.g.  ’brb’  ==  ’Be right back’

Filters has now been extended for Main clients so that Mibbit commands can be executed too.  Take a look in your preferences to see how this is configured:

More configuration information is available at Filters also work in Premium widgets, we’ll look at implementing the ‘command’ option going forward.

Adding a ‘command’ can be handy if you want to do something like play a sound when a phrase is mentioned in chat (see /splay for that)


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