IRCd services are now available again

Update: After a serious effort in responding to the situation cause by the hack of our test server Nickserv and Chanserv are available again on the Mibbit IRC network.

To gain access to your nick and channel again you need to follow these steps;

* reset your nick password

* identify to the nickname

* if your nick is used to admin a channel you need to set the channel password

Further instructions here;

The services have retained all existing nicknames and channels intact. To protect the data all nickserv passwords have been reset.  So to gain access to your nickname you need to have the e-mail address handy that you used to register originally, recover the nick and then set a new password. The new services have been rebuilt, recompiled and encrypted using a cryptographic hash function for passwords.

More details will be added once we have time including the significance of the nickserv data, why it was stored the way it was and how, now we have rebuilt the services, the system will not be vulnerable to the same exploitation excercised previously.


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