How to recover nickname and channel

Now that services are back online, to reset your nick password follow the following actions and commands;  (recovering your channel needs the owner nickname recovered first :) *

1.  From a connection to type the command

/msg nickserv RESETPASS <thenick_you_had>

2.  You will be sent an e-mail to the registered account for that nickname.

*Please check your Spam folder in case you don’t see it at first*

* also – add ‘’ email address (us) to your whitelist if you have one *

Follow the actions in the mail.

a)  re-identify to your nick with /msg nickserv IDENTIFY <password>

b) an error will be displayed (this is ok)

c) within 20seconds of the error type the ENTERCODE command received in the email

e.g. by typing the command as stated  (e.g.  /msg nickserv ENTERCODE <the_code>  )

3.  You’ll be given a temporary new password (shown on screen).  Identify using this code like this

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY <temporary_new_password>

*Note: if you see it the trailing dot is *not* part of the password  :)

You will now be successfully identified and your account restored to you, you must change your password now.

4. Change password using

/msg nickserv SET PASSWORD <TheNewPassWord>

(please follow good password practice, e.g. do not set it to your old pass or any other you use)

5. Your nickname and channels are restored successfully to the registered e-mail account and credentials are stored in the new, rebuilt IRCd services.

*channel recovery

For any channels your nick is owner to you should immediately change the channel owner password using

/msg chanserv set #<name-of-channel> PASSWORD <the_new_password>

do this once your nick has been recovered.

Please note resets *expire* after one hour – if you don’t receive an e-mail after this time please try a second time.  And do check <spam> – Yahoo and Hotmail have been unkind to this kind of email in the past.  Thank You.


PS.  Update:  we have changed our spvf entry and tested Yahoo mail successfully with resetpass.  If you had no e-mail before please try again now.  Thank You.

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