Investigating issue with Avast-free

We’ve received reports of an issue where ‘Please wait..’ sticks top-right and user settings don’t get loaded.


Testing has reproduced the issue when Avast-Free is installed.¬† Temporarily disabling ‘web shields’ on Avast solves the issue and Mibbit is allowed to load normally.


We’re currently investigating along the lines of the discussion in this existing avast forum note;


More as we get to it.


** Update: 16 Nov. we have a fix in testing.  If you experience this issue send feedback to **


** Update: 21 Nov. Avast have confirmed their software does not support WebSocket connections properly  **


From: “avast support center – ALWIL Software” <>

Date: 21 November 2011 12:54:50 GMT


Subject: [ASW #YJC-332850]: Avast free shields prevents legal WebSocket connections from occurring.





avast! is not fully compatible with HTML 5. We are already working on fix which will be released with the new avast! version 7. To resolve the problem at the moment please disable avast! Web Shield.


- Run avast! Antivirus

- Choose REAL-TIME SHIELDS from the left menu and then from the left sub-menu select Web Shield

- Then just click on the STOP button and try it again


Best regards,


AVAST Software a.s.


If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me again.


Ticket Details


Ticket ID: YJC-332850

Department: [ENG] Technical support

Priority: Default

Status: On Hold



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