Fixed “Please wait” issue on login – caused by avast!

Mibbit has fixed the issue where a “Please wait…” message appeared indefinitely after login.  The technical details are below, the main thing is if you have been getting slow or unstable load of Mibbit after login or got the “Please wait…” message stuck on screen then things will work ok now with a reload.  Re-try using or, (reload if you have a window already open)

It’s good to have it fixed, but frustrating for many.  This is a general problem which has also caused havoc on other websites and apps, the Avast free anti-virus product has been getting in the way of normal web browser operations and causing headaches.  In their own support tickets the company admits “avast! is not fully compatible with html5..” and their advice is to “disable avast Web shield.”  For software to be preventing html conversations in this way is a pain,  fortunately they have accepted its a general issue and say they are working on fixing the problem in version 7 of their product – no release date though.

Thanks to everyone who tested out the fix and anyone who experienced the issue – thanks for your patience.  Let us know if it appears again.

Here’s the detail below :)

The issue;

Was caused by Avast-Free preventing normal interaction between the web-browser and the server.  Specifically with Websocket API.  When loading/logging in if Mibbit finds that Websocket is available to use it chooses it for faster performance.  On those kind of connections Avast has been allowing the server and browser to think Websocket is okay but then shutting down communication part way through the conversation.  Reports also came in that on Windows7 that it can terminate connections at seemingly random intervals too.

Support ticket;

Subject: [ASW #YJC-332850]: Avast free shields prevents legal WebSocket connections from occurring.



avast! is not fully compatible with HTML 5. We are already working on fix which will be released with the new avast! version 7. To resolve the problem at the moment please disable avast! Web Shield

- Run avast! Antivirus

- Choose REAL-TIME SHIELDS from the left menu and then from the left sub-menu select Web Shield

- Then just click on the STOP button and try it again


Best regards,


AVAST Software a.s. 


If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me again.


Ticket Details


Ticket ID: YJC-332850

Department: [ENG] Technical support

Priority: Default

Status: On Hold


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