auto-join update

There are a couple of changes with how JOINs are sent on connection, so I thought I’d post here…


Previously, JOINs were sent on receipt of a 265 stat from the server, OR after 10 seconds. However, the issue with this is that sometimes the services doesn’t have enough time to identify you, which could cause a JOIN to fail on a channel that only allows identified people.

I then changed it to send the JOINs after 2 seconds. This is fine for most servers, but some stall on connect for a while (bopm etc), and ignore the JOINs.

So, the new system released today sends JOINs 2 seconds after the first 005 is received, or failing that, after 15 seconds.

Hopefuly this will give services enough time to do its job, and also mean that all ircd’s that pause on connect will recognize the JOINs :)

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