Send issue should be fixed now :)

There’s a new release of the main client, which should solve any comms issues. There were a few odd cases in certain browsers where the sending manager would get an error, and not try and send any more packets. They’d queue up and never get sent.

Also with the new comms there is a little bit of optimization which should speed things up, reduce bandwidth etc.

On we’ve had a few spambots recently, sending links and PMing people, so we’ve beefed up the scan on connection (bopm). If you do get wrongly flagged please email with the details and we’ll see what we can do. There should also be some notes on the wiki as to how this all works soon.


As far as other work, there’s some *awesome* new features in the works, a much needed update to the mobile client (iphone/ipod), and some widget improvements.

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