How to save and reconnect to channels

When search is not enough and you want to have your Mibbit client remember the channels you connect to you can setup details in your Account / Channels tabs and Mibbit will even auto-connect for you.

To do this log onto Mibbit and click “Channels”  (signup free if you don’t have an account):

Next, add the entry(s) and save changes, simple as that.  You need to know the network name (irc Server address) and the channel (usually begins with ‘#’).  Separate more than one channel using a comma.

This is all assuming you identify your nickname manually, if you want it Mibbit can automatically identify on your behalf.  To do this use the “Accounts” tab:


“Save changes” to finish. Now you’re all set.  Each time you Log-In Mibbit will auto-identify and automatically connect to your channels. :)

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