Widget system updates and fixes

Hello!  \o.      As tweeted earlier the SSL Widget with https:// is back after a short ( < 24hr ) outage due to issues with our load-balancer.  Thanks for sticking with us.

We’ve been working on a significant project to deliver improvements to load times and resilience, parts of the work have relied on other services which haven’t performed as expected and this has led to several periods where users might have had to reconnect to the Widget.

We’ve now reached point where new fixes and better code for fail over is in place and these improvements will serve to improve the Widget experience, these can be summarised as;

  • settings (prefs) load direct from our Amazon S3 making the widget faster/better/smoother to load and use
  • a new system updates and shares widget settings every minute down from every 15 (no more waiting for cache to complete)
  • session resume and autoConnect now work better across browsers
  • bugfix for non-set time zone / country on join is in place
  • fixed an issue where invalid characters in URL cause loading to freeze or take a long time, this was occurring if an incorrect &settingsID= was used. ( a 5 second timeout is now in place )

Thank you to everyone who has helped highlight issues and show where improvements could be made, appreciate the input.

Widget load-balancing will be changing again so that a single domain identifier is shown to non-iframe users. As this happens we will give more info about the change.

Delivering improvement for the Widget is intended to make a better experience for everyone who uses Mibbit and IRC, going forward we intend to bring similar benefits to the Main Chat client and the way it loads, load-balances and performs.

Thanks for listening!


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