Using command aliases

Mibbit supports using aliases to replace a command with another string, mostly this is a handy way to abbreviate a command or to add arguments to a frequently used command.  This is great for saving time or remembering commonly used phrases and the settings for these are stored in your Mibbit preferences.

Creating aliases.

Aliases are created by storing a pair of strings in Preferences, a “match” and a corresponding “command”.
For example entering the match /think with the command /me thinks $1 would result in the entry to chat of “/think okay” being replaced with “sally thinks okay.

Editing aliases is a case of loading your account Preferences and editing entries under the ’Alias’ tab:

In this example the alias  has been extended so that all of the words after /think are used in the replacement (using $1- in the Command).

In chat it would look like this:




Default aliases.

A whole set of useful aliases are stored in your account by default making it easier to use the client.  These are found at: along with more information about how to use them.

Aliases can be hugely powerful when used with conventional IRC commands to carry out messaging and operator actions.  In the Main Client these commands can also be executed when a match occurs on joining a channel.  For example, the pair: >mibbit>#french and /translatethem english would mean every time Sally joins the #french channel her translation setting is changed to receive in English.


More information can be found in: and


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