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We’re experimenting with http:/ server.

BitlBee is an IRC to Instant Messaging gateway server which can connect you with your IM accounts on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other services like Twitter.  For people who communicate much of the time in IRC but miss having IM available from the same window this can be useful.

Connecting to bitlBee is easy because it looks like any other IRCd server.  You can try it here.  It’s a free service with several publicly available servers, at Mibbit we’ve installed one here for you to use.

Here’s how it looks in Mibbit – a new server tab and channel (&bitlbee):

BitlBee connection

If you’re interested in giving it a go here’s a handy guide:

And don’t forget to see the folks at where you can also setup a bitlBee server of your own.

If you used to use Meebo messenger or other clients you might find bitlBee a handy alternative.  Some people have used bitlBee with Mibbit in the past very well but we’ve not had our own server before.  We will keep it running and depending on how it gets used will think about whether to make it a more permanent feature for Mibbit.


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