Calling all network admins, and widget users

The widget is moving to a new server, and so some changes need to be made.

1. If you run an IRC network and have already setup a session limit or webirc for mibbit, please add the same for the new widget ( Please email webirc with confirmation so that I can keep track of everything, and if needed add the webirc config this end.

2. If you run a website which is using the widget, and know that the irc network has a limit setup for the new server (A list will be put on the wiki soon) do the following:

2a. Create a new widget account at *OR* login if you already had a widget account setup. A copy has been done of the accounts, so your IDs should work as they did before.

2b. Set your preferences.

2c. Use the url provided in the [Preview] tab, and update your html code.


Note that is setup already, so if your channel is hosted on you can start moving over.

Also note that this is a different server to If you log into and change prefs, the prefs under your login in will *not* be updated. Use for managing your widget settings from now on.

Thanks in advance for the help in this reorganization. Any questions, come and see us in #help on

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