Dear Apple…

If you use or plan to use Mibbit with mobile Safari browser on new iPhones or iPads or you’re planning to upgrade to IOS 6 some time soon you might want to look at it further before going ahead.

We noticed a couple of posts about changes to Mobile Safari browser which limits the number of connections it makes to a server to just one.  This binary, on/off, approach will restrict how web applications including ours work making things like disconnects, timeouts and missing artifacts a common problem. Allowing only one connection prevents other requests from being sent to the server until the open one has finished. This basically breaks any website using comet as these guys at Real Software point out in their note, Mobile Safari users are going to get a reduced experience.

Bug reports have been filed with Apple, the TechCrunch site reports the issue has been seen with sites including Google+ and gmail mobile.

So this is a note to say Apple, if you didn’t hear already, please take a look at this.

** Update 25 Oct **  We’ve contacted Apple support and put up a post on the community pages.

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