Lots of improvements on the way

Sometimes with a project, you just have to stand back, and breathe. Then you start tidying up and rewriting things. Making things more stable, more extensible. Fixing all those “TODOs” you have. Optimizing, decoupling, etc etc

This is what has been going on with Mibbit, and it’s why you may have seen a few restarts lately. We’re rewriting a ton of backend code, to cope with scaling Mibbit. We’re also moving servers, in preparation for building Mibbit out into what we want it to be.


I understand that the downtime is a pain in the neck, but please rest assured, this is a temporary period of adjustment, and not some stability problem with Mibbit.

As we go through the backend code, we’re planning out the new features we’ve had in mind for a long while. There’s a lot more to do with the IRC backend, getting /list back in, beefing up the /networks/ list, and many more things we can’t discuss right now :)


Thanks for using Mibbit, it’s really a great project to work on, and very pleasing to see that it’s useful for so many people now. If you do have any questions, just give us a shout in the #help channel on irc.mibbit.com.

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