Things we know need fixing, and some new features

Thought I’d just post a list of high priority things that we know need fixing. Rest assured these are high priority and will be fixed pretty soon :)

I’ve also listed a few new features that are in the works…

  • Pastebin – whitespace sometimes messes up. Seems like newlines are sometimes ignored. Pasting in tables etc also results in no newlines.
  • Sounds – sometimes the sound stuff fails to load in certain browsers
  • Uploader – sometimes the upload just fails for some reason
  • /list – List has not been put back in yet, it should be
  • /server – Once again, hasn’t come back yet, it needs to be
  • – The main index is being updated now, but server pages and channel pages are not. This is tied into /list
  • Jabber/GTalk support is about half way there
  • Link following is pretty much there (See the destination of say tinyurl links before you click on them).

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