Mibbit’s about a year old :)

Mibbit didn’t have a “hard” launch date, it just sort of started to take off. But it’s about a year old now.

You can see what it used to look like here:


The biggest bit of news now, is that Mibbit is now profitable. For me, that means I can stop worrying, and stop wasting money on bandwidth. For you, it means you can rest assured that Mibbit won’t go anywhere. The premium options are still very much in development, but it’s very nice to know that the service can run as a profitable business without any “customers”.

I thought I’d post a few numbers which are sometimes interesting :)

Peak users: About 5,000. This is made up of around 2,000 main client users, and 3,000 widget users. This has been steadily increasing well and isn’t taxing the servers much now.

Widget usage: The widget is currently deployed and active on over 1,000 websites.

Hardware: Mibbit runs on 6 servers, but they are VPS – maybe 2 physical servers.

Software: The Mibbit backend is all in java, and uses NIO to scale well. There is hardly any CPU usage, and now, the memory usage is pretty good (On 32bit hardware). The backend is around 23,000 lines of code, and the frontend is around 16,000. The backend uses 2 libraries – json.org and maxmind for geo lookups. The rest is written in house, and comprises of an http(s) server, comet server, advertising platform, ident server, irc client code, yahoo messenger code, session management, user management, etc


What happens on mibbit every day:

* About 70GB of bandwidth is used. This is a large improvement on last month, due to some cool comms optimizations. (HTTP header optimization, and timeout auto-adjusting).

* 21.5 million lines of IRC chat are transfered (5.3m main client, 16.2m widget client) That’s about 250 lines of IRC chat a second.

* 35,000 lines of Yahoo messenger chat are transfered.

* 58 Twitter messages are sent (Twitter is pretty new. I’d expect this to grow a lot)

* 4,000 Twitter messages are received.

* 88 files are uploaded.

* 50 files are downloaded via DCC.

* 120 urls are minified.

* 250 pastebins are created.

* 100 main client user accounts are created.

* 100 widget accounts are created.

* 8,000 Images get thumbnailed. This is actually quite a memory intensive pain in the neck.

There’s still a ton of work to do, but I’m happy with how things have gone so far, and happy that you are finding Mibbit useful. I’m *still* working on lots of backend improvements, little things that you should notice, like /whois replies being parsed better, and hopefuly auto-charset detection.

Have a good christmas everyone, and keep chatting (On mibbit) :D

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