If you like using Mibbit, we’d really appreciate some help. Here’s how you can help us:

Quite a few networks still are a problem when connecting from Mibbit. If you know of a server administrator on the network, please let them know you’d really like them to setup something with Mibbit. You can direct them to this page:

The larger networks missing:

  • Undernet
  • LinkNet
  • FCirc
  • RusNet
  • DarkSin
  • OltreIrc
  • euIRC
  • ExplosionIRC
  • WeNet
  • DalNet.RU
  • IRC-Hispano
  • AlphaIRC

If you’re active on any of these networks, or know people that are, please spread the word about Mibbit, and how it can be of use to the networks, and their users.

Thanks :)


Oh and sorry about the backend restart earlier today, that server isn’t using memory very well. The restart should fix things for now.

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