IRC /away command

A lot more user preferences have been moved into the prefs object, which means you can set them, and if you’re registered, have them remembered. Things like the user list and chat/pm tab colors.

Also, I had a couple of requests for the /away command. I looked at the RFC, and checked on real servers, and this command seems slightly useful, but not completely. As far as I know (Please comment if I have it all wrong), when you set an away message, it is relayed to anyone that PM’s you. It is not sent to anyone unless they PM you though.

I implemented the /away command as is, and then layered extra functionality on top of it.

When you set an away message via the mibbit client, it notifies the IRC server, as any IRC client would do, but it also notifies all other mibbit clients that are in channels you are. This has the effect of making you show as lighter color, and at the bottom of the user list. You also have your away message in a tooltip if they mouse over you :)
This will also work for joins. If you join a channel, it will send you away messages for any mibbit users in there.

This seems to be extra functionality that is useful.

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