Custom time format, and better URL parsing.

Just a couple of quick updates…

Brackets are no longer parsed in URLs. They’re seldom used, and it’s quite irritating to see them taken as the URL. For example, now, if you say “Hello (” The link will work properly, and won’t have the ) included.


Secondly, you can now customize the timestamp column. The prefs are in [Chat output].

If the message was received on the current day, then the “Time format” is used. If the messages is from yesterday or before, it’ll use “Date format” (For example if you’re seeing recent chat when you join).

Here’s the full list of things you can use:

%% – %

%H – Hour, (00-23)

%I – Hour, (01-12)

%k – Hour, ( 0-23)

%l – Hour, ( 1-12)

%M – Minute, (00-59)

%p – AM/PM

%P – am/pm

%S – Seconds, (00-59)

%Y – Year (4 digit)

%y – Year (2 digit)

%m – Month (01-12)

%b – Month name (Jan-Dec)

%B – Month name (January-December)

%a – Weekday (Mon-Sun)

%A – Weekday (Monday-Sunday)

%d – Day of month (01-31)

%e – Day of month ( 1-31)

For example, if you’d just like to have hours, minutes, and seconds, you could set it to “%H:%M.%S”

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