New release – youtube data, link following, topic

Sorry about the downtime last night, I’m sure you can understand with a service like this it’s growing quite fast, and that means the occasional glitch here+there. We’ve upgraded the ram in the widget machine, so all should be ok for a while.

Yesterday was our busiest day yet, with 6,000 people all chatting at the peak of the day.

Some new features:

* In the main client, no more adverts above the chat. Instead you get the current topic (It’ll update if the topic is changed). In return for this, please do tell your friends just how awesome Mibbit is ;) Please note, the adverts above the chat on the widget remain. A premium version of the widget is in the works.

* Link following now works a little bit better… If you get a tinyurl etc it’ll show a little (i) next to it, and if you hover, it’ll tell you the address.

* Youtube videos work better… Now, it’ll show the videos thumbnail, and if you hover, it’ll show you some interesting information about the video :)

Enjoy :)

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