A few mibbit updates

A lot of time has been spent chasing IE bugs :( However….

* IE6 ‘ghost’ userlist issue has been fixed.
* The infobar now shows any announcements we need to push out.
* The prefs gui is started, you can manage your auto-connects from here so far.
* New settings for chat output – you can turn on and off the time column, set its width, also set the nick column width. For example when the embedded widget is about, you might want no time column, and a smaller nick column.
* If you’d like to link to mibbit, you can now include a server and channel which will get pre-filled into the connect form. For example http://www.mibbit.com/?server=irc.freenode.net&channel=%23mibbitrocks

Things would be so much quicker if it weren’t for browser bugs :) Rest assured the embedded version is on the way…

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8 thoughts on “A few mibbit updates

  1. Nice work! However you should probably make that password field, well, a password field (a masked field), so the colleagues can’t just spy over ones shoulder.

  2. Hey ripclaw, good idea. I’ve just fixed that. Auto-connects now hide the passwords, and when you enter a new one, the password field is hidden.

  3. Wow this service is fast!

    Thanks a lot for it, hope to see it get popular some day soon, cause its truly a nice work of code!

  4. Hey there… I have a few questions/suggestions, so I thought I’d just throw them in here.

    1) How about an alias for “/join” which just goes “/j”? Also, if there’s no # entered in front of the channelname, the client could add it automatically (yeah, it could be problematic with those ## channels like you find them on freenode [##php], but a lot of clients have that auto-#-add-function).

    2) On the wiki or somewhere I read, that you can see a bit of the channel’s history, if some other meebo user was on that channel before. Privacy comes to my mind there. People might have spoken about the one just joining. Also, does this mean *ALL* chats going over mibbit get stored on your server? Queries between two users, too? How about security, could it be exploited to see the history of two user’s query? If everything is stored on the mibbit server, do passwords (chanserv, nickserv, etc) get stored aswell?

    Thanks in advance for your replies. Mibbit seems to have a great potential, I really like it so far =). However, user privacy is a hot topic of course and it needs to be dealt right with.


  5. Hi Hijacker…

    /j is in the next release. Possibly will do the # fixup, but I want to check that out a bit more.

    In terms of privacy…

    Chat and emotes are stored in memory on the server for public channels only. These are used when a new user joins the channel. If you aren’t allowed in the channel, you aren’t allowed to see the recent chat for that channel.

    I’m aware even this might be unagreeable to people, but I do think it’s a useful feature.

    It will most likely be an option to disable participation in it, and I will also make it clear that this is what happens, and how the feature works.

    Hope that addresses the concerns so far.

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