A few mibbit updates

A lot of time has been spent chasing IE bugs :( However….

* IE6 ‘ghost’ userlist issue has been fixed.
* The infobar now shows any announcements we need to push out.
* The prefs gui is started, you can manage your auto-connects from here so far.
* New settings for chat output – you can turn on and off the time column, set its width, also set the nick column width. For example when the embedded widget is about, you might want no time column, and a smaller nick column.
* If you’d like to link to mibbit, you can now include a server and channel which will get pre-filled into the connect form. For example http://www.mibbit.com/?server=irc.freenode.net&channel=%23mibbitrocks

Things would be so much quicker if it weren’t for browser bugs :) Rest assured the embedded version is on the way…

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