Latest updates to main client

  • The “18 Users” shown above the UserList is now optional, disable it in Prefs->User List->Show # users above
  • The max length for IRC channel input is set to 361 at the moment. I might change this later, but for now it prevents surprises when your text is cut off for other users.
  • The mute icon is gone for now. Sound will be revamped shortly.
  • The [account] [channels] and [profile] tabs have been updated, cleaner and better.
  • Confirm to disconnect from a server is now shown at the top, and doesn’t interfere with the comms. Same if there is a nick collision.
  • New prefs for general tabs – [Welcome] [Account] etc. Prefs->General->Tabs->”Default” and “Default background”. If you don’t like green, go pink! go mad!
  • Photobucket API integration. If you receive a link to a photobucket hosted image, you will now see a (i) with interesting metadata if you hover over it. The thumbnail will also come directly from photobucket.

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