A few updates

Just a few updates,

  • /oper now works (/oper username password)
  • Fixed a bug in the userlist – sometimes it would get confused between op/admin.
  • /quote works now (Takes rest of the line as literal IRC command)
  • Fixed a bug in tabs – sometimes the sort order would get messed up with dead tabs.
  • Fixed/vastly improved the firefox 2 “disappearing cursor” issue.
  • Ability to “kill” users who persistently spam (Yes, the idiots have appeared, sending spam to channels on irc.mibbit.com. It’s hard to feel anything but pity for these sad souls).
  • New settings for tabs (tabFontSize, tabFontFamily, tabColorAlert). So if you’d like the tabs bigger, or you hate the yellow color highlight, change them.

Got up to about 175 users using mibbit yesterday at the same time, which is a record so far. Thanks everyone :)

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