Introducing filtering

Filtering is a brand new system within Mibbit to give you greater control of how you see text, and how you send text within IRC.

Basically, for every line of IRC text received, you can run filters over the text. Likewise, with every outgoing line sent by you, you can run filters over it before it gets sent.

This has a few use cases:

  • You can block persistent spammers, swear words, etc by replacing the offensive text with something else
  • If certain abbreviations or misspellings irritate you, get them replaced with something more to your liking.
  • You can use it to send often used responses, or parts of responses. For example “kthxbai”->”OK? Thanks very much, and goodbye :) ” or “hlps?” -> “Does that help you?” etc. Think of it as a simple macro language for your outgoing text. “i18n”->”internationalization”.
You can setup your own filters in [Prefs]->[Filters]. Please make sure you understand Regular expression syntax and how it works. If you make a mistake, just go to prefs and delete/correct the offending filters.
Currently filters are only live in the main client.
Also see: (This will be expanded upon in the next few days).

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