Main client updates. UserList gets groups.

  • [Channels] and [Prefs] were very slow when selecting ‘Save and close’. This has been fixed, so you should not have any issues.
  • New option in prefs->UserList->Groups
  • The new global messaging system (Only to be used for critical messages such as restarts – don’t worry!), now works a little better – it adds a message to each tab, but when you remove one of them, they all go.


So, the main feature – Groups. At the moment, you have 4 options.

  • None – no grouping – it’ll look like it used to
  • Chatters/Idlers closed – You’ll have 2 groups, one for people who are chatting, and one for idlers. The idlers group will start as closed.
  • Chatters/Idlers – same as above but the idlers will start as open.
  • By Mode – You’ll get groups for Owner,Admin,Op,Halfop,Voice, and other.
Each group has a header, which you can click on to hide/show the contents of that group. The default is [Chatters/Idlers closed].
If you’d rather have it show something else, just change your prefs. There may be more options in terms of the groupings in the future, especially when hooked into the profile data – eg group by sex, group by age range, etc.

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