248 users online, cool :)

Maximum of 248 users online today which is pretty good, still no server cpu load which bodes well for scaling into the thousands (Embed version etc).

The IRC server list has been updated a bit, with default channels for most of them.
Bug fix for channels with a : character in them. Previously this confused the client.
/cs /ns /ms /os all work now (ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, OperServ)

Trying to get IRC servers to up connection limits is pretty hard. Especially older IRC networks.
Quakenet for instance:

* You can’t email them – your email gets bounced back saying only ‘subscribers’ may email.
* You go in their #help channel, ask a question, wait for a reply, then they auto-kickban you for “idling” without answering.
* Once I did get a reply, it was that in order to *apply* for ‘trust’, you have to have a channel on quakenet, and be oper on it. This also requires you get 5 other opers on it. The staff member I asked about it said it was a pretty old stupid rule, and that once I had trust I could just forget about the channel. Seems like a *lot* of hassle to go through personally…

Also gamesurge suggests I use flash or a java applet so that the connections come straight from the user.

Having said that there are some nice newer IRC networks that are great and don’t have quite such draconian rules :)
Someone described to me how you register a channel on quakenet and it truly sounds like a mamoth task involving email, convincing 5 other people to hang around there etc, compared to ‘/cs register #channel ‘ ‘/cs set #channel guard on’

Please note that Mibbit is not an anonymizer, it does send your IP address to IRC servers, and any abuse will result in *you* getting banned. Not the gateway, but you.
Also planning some limits within mibbit. For example, it’s possible that in the future, if you get kicked too many times from channels, we’ll block your access to mibbit.

Sorry about the lack of an embedded version alpha, but work should start on that next :)

Also a large amount of people seem to want to turn off the auto away feature. I’m not sure why people don’t like it yet, seems useful to show people you’re not really there. For me, it’s quite irritating going into a channel to find 1000 people listed, and not having any idea how many of those are just people who joined 2 years ago and leave their server on 24/7.

However, to disable autoaway, log into mibbit, then in a channel type /dset autoAway 0
this will save the preference to the server.
At the moment the default is autoAway after 10 minutes. I’ll most likely up the default to 30mins or an hour for new users.
Also if it’s just the notifications in the chat output that annoy you, /dset showAwaysBacks false

Oh some other interesting facts:
* When 248 clients connected, server load was around 0.10
* Using about 1.7GB of data transfer a day
* Average user has 1.3 IRC server connections open
* Between 8,000 and 9,000 users/sessions a day currently

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