New features, updates, bug fixes, etc

Here are the latest updates for Mibbit, got up to 280 users online on thursday which was pretty cool, glad people are using it :)

  • Your own nick can now be highlighted in a different color. (setting is nickHighlightMe. You can also set the color of other nicks highlighted – nickHighlight)
  • /part now works properly. You can use /part, /part #foo, or even /part #foo,#bar
  • Bug fix *should* mean it very unlikely you receive things from a channel after you’ve asked to part it. You should not get the channel popup after a close/part any more.
  • Bug fix on connection – If you try to connect to a server you’re already on, it’s handled gracefuly.
  • Idle times on /whois now show up in a human readable form.
  • Usermode changes now get shown in chat by default, (prefs colorUserMode, showUserModes)
  • /awayall can be used to set your away on all connected servers, and /backall can be used to show you’re back
  • /server can be used to connect to another server (address, including optional port, nick, optional channels, optional pass). For example /server fred #foo,#bar
  • New servers have trust/iline (coldfront,, darkmyst, rizon, nexuswar)

Note that the server tab is lagging behind at the moment. Some commands will not work in the server tab, so always put the commands into a channel/pm for now. The server tab will be updated soon.

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